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2006 August 9 Enter Ghana

2006-08-12 04:10:00

2006 August 9 Enter Ghana
Elubo Ghana
Wednesday August 9, 2006

I left Aboisso, took a large what the call a - Car - but is a mini-bus in English from Aboisso to Noe. The plan was to stay in Noe, but the whole bus proceeded directly to the border. The Ivory Coast or Cote d Ivoire government officials greeted the bus and had me on a seat waiting to leave. My inability to ask questions in French made me go with the flow. Moreover, I saw zero what appear to be Hotel or even a city in Noe. It looked more like the border town way or selling as is normal and no per say businesses.

I have entered the country of Ghana and am in the city of Elubo, not on my Encarta Map, so I am lost; the Lonely Planet is vague also.

2006 August 9 Enter Ghana