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WIFI in my room

2006-07-05 22:46:00

WIFI in my room
Wireless Internet access.
I was excited, I moved from room 404 to 201, two floors down so I could connect to the Internet. I checked it, it work, however I failed to check correct or the variables changed. It is possible a closer person is sort of robbing the signal. A weak WIFI seems to be a problem.
WIFI in a Hotel is most of time does not work. In the lobby within 30 feet, by line of sight to the router and it works. In my room, almost zero. I need to check the room to guarantee it works. Then the persons need to know how to run the WIFI.
I was in Singapore, my friend says,
- I have WIFI, you can use it from outside the apartment until I arrive. -
He does not tell me the security code, then when he does later, it does not work and we cannot figure it out.
WIFI is a mean joke, I get excited and then in never works.
The GPRS Cell phone connection works good in Thailand, it is closest to wireless I have had anywhere on the planet. It is slow, but dependable. Wifi can be fast, but is not dependable. Never assume the WIFI will work, you must test it, plus make sure you are in room that is close to the router.
An Internet cafe is still a lot easier than WIFI, but there is hope.

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WIFI in my room