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Why People Are Not Friends

2006-07-03 20:03:00

Why People Are Not Friends
I made a post about squat toilets, and one comment was:

Anonymous said...

Andy you are a f!#$king idiot and I am embarassed that you represent travellers.
I am always amazed or bewildered by the why, what happens to a person. Here is some person that has no need to read the post, can easily just avoid any and all information blogged or posted by me.
Yet, they proceed to be pro-active in trying to provoke or scream their thoughts.
I am concerned about cruel or harsh comments. I see that I sometimes write or type in harsh feelings, that do hurt peoples feeling and makes them angry. I try not to write in my journals when I am observing more negative situations than positive, yet of course it sort of lie to myself to avoid thinking.
I am just a traveler, I do not represent travelers, I am not happy about the Travel Writers that write articles to make people happy, sell tours, and steer people in the wrong way for money.
However, they have people that want to fantasize or read what they write, I am not very concerned until they give information that could hurt a person. A person paying too much for a room is not hurting them, not helping, but is not hurting in a long term mental problem type of way.
I think of my Mother, it almost make me cry to think, what would happen if she needed to use the squat toilet, because she had no choice. He legs are old, she is weak, how could she do this? It would be a sad feeling to suddenly know, or realize, a person must sit down on the floor, then ask another person to come and help them.. maybe if there is help.
The knowledge and experience of the world lives in the minds and bodies of the older generation. They are the persons that need to go to under-developed countries. Not the young hippie dippy bunch, they are young, they have little to give.
The Peace Corp is full of young and energetic people, yes this is good. But how can a person of 20 explain to a person of 50 how to build a home or plant a garden, or many other task. You need experience, however deep in the recesses of the older person mind they wish to explore, to share, to show their love, to give back what they received. But with experience we learn to be afraid, we watch TV, the new, the horror and all the other crap the media throws at use. We remember every way we could be hurt.
I sometime think the only complicated part of traveling is to figure out how to eat a clean meal, take a clean shower, and use the toilet.
I like to take a long walk in the morning, however I must go around in a circle or never stray too far as there are no public restrooms.
I think the older persons of the world know, there is a solution to all problems. They should help by sharing the solutions with countries that need some help. In the end learning these small intimate and normal parts of another persons life allows us to see how we are the same, and not different.
I do know it is a sad world when a person goes out to try to provoke or call people names when they could just walk away and end the thoughts.
Why people are not friends is because we talk too much and listen too little, maybe we always believe the other person does not have a right to say their opinions. I slowly learn how not commenting to my friends makes us better friends. I learned it is not my job to change my friends.
As for representing travelers, I do try to be the best example of an American of a Human of a Civil person when I enter and leave a country. There is a world of difference between what I blog and think and how I treat the person around me. I can totally disagree with a culture and still know, I do not have the right to change people. I may know better, however I keep learning, normally in 90 percent of cases, I do not.