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West Africa Visa Planning

2006-07-29 05:25:00

West Africa Visa Planning

I am trying to plan a Visa attainment path, I must be careful I do not get the Visa too early and have the Visa dictate when I travel or leave a place. On the other hand, I do not want to wait until the final country and get locked into a embassy, in somewhat corrupt countries the like to put a person between a rock and a hard place. If they know you have no choice, it is easy to get a bribe. Example, I was in Mongolia and was trying to get a Visa to Russia, they lady said,
- You are from the USA, therefore you pay a lot. -
I said, in the end,
- Who cares about Russia, it is cheaper to fly to Thailand, then fly to Europe and enter from the other West end of Russia. -

I am trying to gather in a one view method where I could get Visas. The guidebook is not written like a tour of West Africa, it is only written like you was going to one more country to visit or maybe just left or right, above or below. It does not seem, it could, and I have not found give an itinary of many countries. Guidebooks are not good at explaining multiple country trips, best for one country trips.

Map and list of countries that maybe I can get a Visa for, do not use this only for information, I have found many Embassies that are not included above.

I have removed the countries that do not apply, the path is somewhat chosen, thus I only need the countries before the country, not after. I am making a big green box when I get a Visa in that country.

Note, am really hoping the Visa Entente allows me to go to Benin, Togo and Niger with one visa, and thus I would not need to get three Visas.

West Africa Visa Planning