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Travel Clothes That Smell

Travel Clothes That Smell

It is the monsoon time here in Asia, it often will rain every couple of hours, or it will rain all day. I gave my laundry to the boy in the hotel, he wanted to clean them and return them later in the day. The price was right, he is a good kid, I thought, good idea, I could almost do this daily as they charge by the piece. I was not too happy when the clothes were not finished at the end of the day, then I thought to myself,
- It did rain all day. -

Electric or Gas dryers are no common in the under-developed countries. (Note, I should say normal countries, 80 percent of countries are or could be called under-developed, they are not under-developed, they are normal.)

Air dried clothes are common, they hang them up somewhere, normally on the roof, one of the best romantic locations of a hotel is full of laundry.

Boiling Water
Because the clothes did not dry quickly, when I put on the shirt, there is this every present mildew smell. I am bringing some water up close to boiling. This will kill, I hope fungus, and whatever else cause them skin diseases I see everywhere in India.

I put powder soap in the water, and then occasionally try to stir the clothes or scrub. I am not good at this, I hate to do hand laundry, however, I need the smell gone. When I perspire, impossible not to in Delhi in the summer, the mildew smell too over my senses.

I leave them in the water for about 4-5 hours or until the water, temperature is cold. I then rinse repeatedly, worried about the smells of the water coming from the tap.

I can only wash two shirts because I must hang them directly in front of the air conditioner and have the fan blow them dry. They must dry in less than about 12 hours or I will again have the mildew smell.

Travel Clothes That Smell