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Thailand Sticky Rice

2006-07-10 21:52:00

Thailand Sticky Rice
I do not think of Sticky Rice when I think of Thailand; however, I found some in the early hours walking around in Bangkok. I do think Sticky Rice when I think of Laos.

There was this man, whacking these bamboo sticks against a rock he held in his hand. They would crack, and then he would hand to the buyers of his sticky rice. He was making a racket, hard to not notice.

The joint in the bamboo is the stopper for one side, there is a banana leave rolled up to hold the rice down into the bamboo tube. I believe there is some coconut mixed with the rice. Some type of seed, but I cannot remember is inside the rice.
The person cooked this inside the bamboo tube as it is burned on the outside, I do not know if the rice was boiled or not boiled prior to pushing into the tube of bamboo.
Thailand Sticky Rice