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Smuggling Knives on Planes

2006-07-27 05:08:00

Smuggling Knives on Planes
July 26, 2006

I became an accidental smuggler of a large knife on a plane, not one time, however the second time was known well before I got on the plane, so I suppose the second time was pre-meditated. This is probably a way to sit in an office for a few hours answering many questions, in the worst case, I go to jail.

Ok, how to do it? I have often speculated that my one cooking pan set could conceal a gun. It conceals a big hunting like knife presently, purchased and cut off in Poland. Big enough to cut a Pineapple easily, my gauge of what size knife is needed. I consider the Swiss Knife a waste of money, if you can get a do-anything knife for less than 7 dollars U.S. go for it.

This is convoluted, I wonder if I can use a better word. Maybe you can say it making a four-layer cake. Problematic, is a good way of thinking, actually the Emirates Airlines is such a great Airlines, I considered stopping in Dubai just to explain how to do this to their security people. I know or feel I have only about a 1 in 20 chance though of them appreciating this good advice, thus a 19 out of 20 chance I get punished for my good intentions.

Nonetheless, I do believe I could smuggle most anything I want on to most Airlines, bombs ingredients seem a lot easier than a gun, big metal is a problem, however in the end it the shape. Knives and box cutters would be a piece of cake, how to live in the shadows of 9-11 for kicks. I do agree with the complicated searches, the asking of questions, and 99 percent sure they need to racial profile or pull out the stereotypes of the normal Islamic suicide bombers. Nothing more stupid than to ignore the description of your prime suspect. Blond haired, blue eyed Americans can do about anything and not get caught, low on the totem post of suspects, and deservedly so, I am more likely to buy the country than to blow it up. I have thought many times how to strategically buy a country, I think some are possible. I am in Africa, and for sure France owns more than they admit. Give them freedom, but do not give them title.

The big backpack has this plastic bottom of a plastic gas can inside.

This was stacked inside the bottom of gas can.

The cooking or maybe a Swiss cooking set is also inside.

I have multiple books, I suppose the cooking thing looks like a book also.




I often have problems with these large hooks, however only one time per hook because they take them away and never give back.

Smuggling Knives on Planes