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Saying Hello to African People

2006-07-29 05:17:00

Saying Hello to African People
July 27, 2006 Thursday

I am in the Grand Bassam, a small strip of land that has the ocean on one side and what appears to be a river on the inside part. I believe the waterway is sweet or fresh water, and then outside on Gulf of Gunea would be saltwater.

Grand Bassam Map

There is a place called the Ancien Bassam, it is less than a five minute walk from where I am staying and may be less, if I move hotels. The one I am is not a good value in my reasoning.

Nonetheless, I walked early this morning to the Ancien Bassam, I feel bad, I have no collaboration that I am actually looking at the Ancien Bassam, however, for sure there were many people awake and sweeping the sand. It is somewhat a setting of home, with sand streets. Some of the main one are hard or tarvy, however the inner sanctions are sand. Nice in a way, I said hello or Bon Jour in French to the people I met. They look around, say hello, and seem astounded I said hello.

I think the people are playful and happy, however not accustom to some white man saying hello. I enjoy this type of situation, the astounding nature of the value of a Hello, spoken in down home Indiana way is powerful.

I just give them the melt you smile, and say,
- Bon Jour - (Bohn Jure)

Oh, they are a happy lot, I wander if none of the people in the hotel walk around and say hello. I am in a Hotel that maybe has room for about 50 people or more. I have not seen any white people, however I can smell them, they must exist, probably on the weekend. People are said to come to the Grand Bassam every weekend from the big 3 million plus city of Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

My instincts tell me very few of the tourist go and mingle with the locals, unless of course to buy a girl, in a I can buy you way.

I really like the French for one good reason. They teach a country to make Baguettes, I enjoy a Baguette in the morning. I had my first fix today.

I have worked on a couple of the locals in the Grand Ancien area and will continue to walk by and say hello. I think I can get a longer conversation going. It is amazing how tall they are, after the short of Asia, this is fun, the women are so big, and round, in a very good way.

I tend to think any woman after age 30 balloons, this is why so many culture where them big skirts. Here they have this very long ankle length clothing, very bright in colors and would cover up any tusk bearing Ivory Coast person. Some are large, larger, and largest.

Saying Hello to African People