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Same Same But Different

2006-07-21 22:18:00

Same Same But Different
I have a shirt from Thailand that says,
- Same Same -
On the front of the shirt.
- But Different -
On the back of the shirt.
They speak and read English well in India, thus in the normal ploy of India vendors, they will try to enter into a conversation by saying a comment. They read the shirt, and try to ask.
- Same Same, But Different. -
On one pass, my immediate thought was,
- Yes, I took a shower. -
The India people are real, good or bad this is real life. There is an extreme immediacy of the people. I travel, I meet people, then I blog about them or me.
The people of India are real, the blog is not. I am real, I have met a few people who read my blog and they are real. However, there is a surreal nature to writing in the blog. If it were only a diary, that only I read, then I would be talking to myself. I am not sure; I think there is a conflict in my mind. I am having problem with who I am blog too or what I am doing.
I used to say, I blog and you read over my shoulder. I know this authentic gut level typing is best. However, I am having every increasing problem forgetting the audience. They invade my world by writing, commenting, and in some way tempting me to interact.
I am dysfunctional, I know this, and I have paid dearly for this, with an alcoholic haze of problems. The one factor that is prevalent in addictions is a person becomes delusional in the belief that their made up view of themselves is important, they then are not responsible for their real selves.
I think it is the collaborative writing of Paul Theroux, it has influence me to know clarify in my mind why a person becomes a
- Mythomaniacs -

I think they believe the dysfunctional crap they create. I am aware, I know, it is possible for anyone to start to believe the myth. In the end, a person believes the dream world of their fantasy. The staged creation of a life, not the real news, not the real experience become real. I went to the Taj Majal, I suppose I could create any level of wonder I wished. It rained the whole day; it was a very miserable day. That is not what the world wants to know.
An actors is an invention, writing is an explanation of reality. How to I keep a functional interpretation of the world correlated to be close to what I experienced.
Same Same But Different

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