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Rent a Hotel in Kathmandu for 130,000 Rupees

2006-07-14 21:01:00

Rent a Hotel in Kathmandu for 130,000 Rupees
Ooops. Already rented.
I thinks all the riots and political unrest, stupid stuff and other extra-curricular problems has created a situational opportunity in Nepal.
This is the month of July, low season in Nepal, cash flow is very slow, plus all the hotel suffered the last few months. Only now are the tourist forgetting that the were riots in the street here. September is start of High Season in Nepal, however the marginal manage hotels and the ones in the wrong locations are having big problems.

29 Rooms and in a bad location, not really, but let me say. It does not have the normal form of marketing done by hotels.
- Put a sign up and hope. -
There is zero walk by after the plane, train or bus here. You need to know before you come about this hotel or it is not on the list. Actually, it probably exists only at the behest of the marketing done by the Ganesh next door. Ganesh is in the lonely planet and would probably be out of the game also with out that stroke of luck.
Both are great hotels and seem wonderful. Went back the next day and the owner had arranged to have another man already rent.

Balconies, large rooms, kitchens and quiet. The good part about this lane or street is there are no Hashish salesmen, however also no taxis to flag down. Isolation is good and bad. This is quite close to the city, but the walk by advertising is almost nil.
Rent a Hotel in Kathmandu for 130,000 Rupees

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