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Novel or Nonfiction

2006-07-10 21:45:00

Novel or Nonfiction
I realized one of my stumbling points in writing a book as I was reading pushing around in my study of Don Quixote. The problem is this; I am best able and prepared to write non-fiction, explanation of something.
I do not read non-fiction, I do not read travel books, or try not to, however this may well be what I am capable of writing. What a bore to myself, to create something I would never read.
My time is both expanding and shrinking while I travel, the amount of time is expanding that I have to dwell, muse, and obsess on subjects. My time I have just typing is decreasing because my internet web sites grow and I need be a manager. There is X amount of computer typing time in the day, whether used for writing or explaining to web technicians how to make a page.
Novel or Nonfiction

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