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Nepal Backpack Factory

2006-07-14 20:57:00

Nepal Backpack Factory

I call this man OM after the mantra sounds that some of the zealots make in and around the planet.
- Om, most sacred syllable in the ancient Sanskrit language of India, considered in Hinduism to represent all scriptural revelation in a single symbol. Also referred to as aksara (Sanskrit for “syllable”) and pranava (Sanskrit for “to utter a droning”), om combines three sounds, A-U-M, and culminates in a fading nasal resonance that symbolizes communion with Brahman (the Absolute). In meditation, Hindus repeat om as a mantra, or sacred formula. Hindus also believe that the sacred sound of om accompanied creation and continues to echo and vibrate throughout the universe. - (2)
The instantly knew what I was doing, as I put my hand in a Y position and made the hum of OM. I consider this man the Saddu of Backpacks. I never give them begging Saddus money, but I will gladly stuff money in this mans pocket.

The use patterns or templates as a guide in cutting. This is the shelf where they store all the design patterns for backpacks they make.

Power Scissors are used to cut many layers of material or fabric for the backpack in one-step.
Nepal Backpack Factory

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