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Middle East Sleeping Habits

2006-07-23 02:08:00

Middle East Sleeping Habits

I call this the Middle East way of sleeping, even though I am in Asia, or sub-continent or any other does not matter definition.

This boy is sleeping on the roof or my hotel. I went up to get a GPS reading, it does not work in the streets as the 4-story building block the line of sight needed to get a reading.

28 38.51 NORTH
077 12.877 EAST
Elevation is 211 Meters

This is a long shot, it is about 6:00 AM and the sun is rising or poking through the clouds, trying to burn them off.

This is the same boy as above; he is sleeping on the concrete with another boy or man. It is very hot in the Hotel, I learned in Basra, Iraq sleeping in a 5-dollar Hotel. We had air conditioning and were looking forward to a good nights sleep. They turned off the electricity and everyone went up on the roof. We only learn of this when waking after eight hours of sleeping in a sauna, and then waking, we saw them carrying their mattresses down from the roof.

A view of women feet on another rooftop.

This is far away; I think my Sony 12X xoom has a smudge on it; however, these persons are sleeping under the covers on cots.

A typical type construction of building here in Delhi, India.

Up on the roof, the undersold, under-developed, under-served or some other business buzz word, well, the roof is one of the best place of a Hotel in the world and often and normally only used for the wrong thing. Here from the roof I can see this, from ground level, mostly I can see cow crap.

Middle East Sleeping Habits

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