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Middle East Propaganda

2006-07-23 01:02:00

Middle East Propaganda
I have CNN in my room; I will be very glad when they stop selling humanitarian advertising and tell me the world news.

I very briefly saw a story about a huge flood in China where over 500 people died. It does not sound as exciting as Tsunami however floods are a bigger problem.
Everything in the world is a crisis, the new media cries wolf way to much for me, and I am immune to listening to the news Media’s crisis making strategies.
India is a wonderful place for newspaper, the country reads, a strange and ironic twist to the other messes that surround me, but a good one.
CNN has some small Lebanon girl of around 7 speaking to support Hezbollah, I am not sure why. The news of the world appears to be propaganda, not to support an issue of a governments, however to support a propaganda campaign to encourage controversy. I wish I had not paid so much for plane tickets to Africa; I would take a turn and go to Lebanon to see what is happening.
Entertainment in my room is about temptation, I seem to like to watch TV more than I like to read. However, watching TV causes bad Karma, as the travelers would say in India. Most travelers have zero idea of what is happening in the world; however, they wish to talk politics. I feel an obligation to learn if I want to open my mouth.
Middle East Propaganda