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Learning French in West Africa

2006-07-29 05:32:00

Learning French in West Africa
July 28, 2006 Friday 5:56 AM

English is destined to be in the next and succeeding centuries more generally the language of the world than Latin was in the last or French is in the present age.
John Adams (1735 - 1826)
U.S. president
I need to learn French to walk around in West Africa, or at least to say hello and small talk about the place. It is amazing how little the English language is used here in the Ivory Coast.
I was talking with Christina however in French, and Adama the somewhat manager of the Hotel, I asked earlier,
- Checkout? -
Almost a universal need to know word in a hotel in my mind, however there are a couple of factors. The people do not move in and out of the Hotel that much thus maybe there is not a need to check out. Plus when I asked Christine the number of English speakers staying in the Hotel per month she said,
- Cannot ask for months -
- Need to think in Years -
She says there is only about 3-4 per year that stop in the Hotel, however a few come on the weekends to hang around the beach bar, pool, and socialize, but only for the day. I guess they work in Abdijan.
French is the dominant language in many countries of West Africa or Africa, it seems to doom them to poverty in many ways as the language of business is English for sure, unless you think paying Paris prices is normal on the planet.
Whatever the case, to mosey around in Africa, it is best to have a good grip on French. I have broken out old files I have on learning languages. I have many databases and pages relating to how to learn a language. I find it immensely beneficial to create list, type, create, and quantify and qualify about language. It is the energy exerted towards the language that in the end makes me learn. I need it rammed down my throat.
I am a dictionary carrying, ready to learn person, I have the dictionary, piece of paper, I will start summing my words learned daily. A word is like a shoe, it needs to be put on, thus I go walking around. Some word invade my space, I try it on, I translate the word, then hopefully I try to make sure I am pronouncing the word correctly. Then I try to use it. I will eventually own the shoe.
Yesterdays word was - Jeux - it is I hope means to play. I was reading a sign for a hotel and it says,
- Piscine Plage Jeux -
I think this translates to Pool - Beach - Play, however there is some conjugation thingy going on with the word Jeux, it is not just Jeu that is play, however I am slicing and dicing, I am confused, the clarity will bring me the language.
I really screwed up, I could have purchased a CD Rom to learn French in Thailand and listened to the French, I will search for a place to download some small talking format on the internet.
Learning French in West Africa