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Ivory Coast Human Development Index

2006-07-29 05:41:00

Ivory Coast Human Development Index

July 29, 2006 Saturday
Ranking of Development:
173 Ivory Coast or Cote Divoire without the Pronunciation Symbols.
127 India

HDI or the Human Development Index is a report by the United Nations, I have the PDF file of the 2004 report and am not sure if there is a newer in existence. These are times when I wished I had an internet connection 100 percent of my life.

I would say the opposite ranking should be applied, it feels to me and as I have observed development of nations, that the Ivory Coast is leaps ahead of India. I suspect biases come from factors that exist in a country, however on the whole are a minority issue. A disproportional allocation of value to the specific existence of certain types of development. It would be easy to say because India has nuclear technology and many computer technology persons it is more developed than the Ivory Coast. Then of course, I have not traveled much in the Ivory Coast yet, it may take a leap down once I leave the populated areas.

I see the HDI as a guide, extremely lacking in most areas, however a guide nonetheless. I know I am too sensitive to manners, and consider manners more important than technology or even roads and water. Water, though is better so far in the Ivory Coast than in India.

A lot of the HDI I believe comes from reports generated by the country in question, therefore the will skew the answers to whether they want to receive money on aspects.

But in the end, I would say the Ivory Coast is more developed than India.

Ivory Coast Human Development Index