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Ivory Coast Breakfast

2006-07-30 06:32:00

Ivory Coast Breakfast

I am in the county called Ivory Coast in West Africa. I have created a routine here in the Grand Bassam area about 35 Kilometers from Abdijan according to my GPS. I get up in the morning, work on my computer, then about 7:30 AM, I take a walk down to the Ancien Bassam or the Ancient Bassam, it is more or less a lot of very old French Colonization building, falling down, and continuing to fall down with a bunch signs saying the are going to restore.

A great place to meet the locals as they wake and walk around buying their knack type breakfast. The French are very bad for my belly as they bring with their colonization bread type products. Countries like Thailand have almost zero bread products easy to find, however here in the former French Colony of Ivory Coast, I can find many dough and bread products.

The call this a
- Gallet - I have not found it yet in the dictionary. It is round dough thing, a little sweet; I think they have both a white and whole grain type version. It is deep-fried like a doughnut.

This is Veronic, she is my new friend, she makes me sit down and listen. She has a girl about 2-3 years old, is not married and seems to cook these fish Gallets in the morning, I do not like fish, and thus I am not the right person. It is make in the same manner as the Argentina or South America Empanada, I think she take a bowl, cuts out a circle and then fold like a Taco, then uses a fork to make a crust ridge.

Veronic calls this a Fish Gallet, I am trying to learn, the one girl knew the word Fish, I am hoping for Fromage or Cheese, and however I have not found cheese to be common here so far. In addition, I do not like goat, the more normal cheese on the planet, unless I am fooled to believe, it is cow.

The hair, the face, the smile, it is pleasant experience. I am in trouble, I promised to revenee or to return later. It rained, and the two girls at the front entrance to my Hotel are claiming me, it is problem as they are writing notes about,
- Do you like me, I like you -
I need to distance from these girls, however every time I walk out to roam around, they spy me, and I cannot talk fast enough in French to have a good excuse. I am very lucky to be in the Wharf Hotel, although expensive. It is on the cheap-shared taxi route and I could leave at night if I wished and come back.

After eight Gallets, I needed some water. This is maybe purified water, but it for sure is cold. I spied ice chest, and got them to open it, it was full of these small bags of water. This water is cheap, about 50 CFA maybe about 5 cents U.S; however, a big bottle of water cost about 2 U.S. Dollars or 1000 CFA. The entire world hides from the foreigners the cheap water and tries to sell the bottles; I have discovered in many countries these bags. Actually, it is a sign of low tourism when you leave the bottles and go to the bag.

Ivory Coast Breakfast