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Itinerate Witness

2006-07-25 00:50:00

Itinerate Witness

To move from place to place, somebody who sees something: somebody who saw or heard something that happened and gives evidence about it.

What a great name, I like the word witness and feel a relevance to this word. I spent and enjoyable and enlightening night with a 30’s plus man from the USA from Rochester, New York. Mark explained to me in a kind way, not a
- I know everything - way his understanding of India, how to travel, Blogging, my Blog and many interesting issues.

CNN is blaring away; CNN is presently on one issue…
- The Crisis in the Middle East -
The skirmish between Israel and Lebanon, I am happy they changed from the last issue, however it is soap opera and on one issue, then the go to the next. Nothing to do with world news.

CNN talks as if they know, they understand, Mark talked or explain in humility how he witnessed India, how he was learning, how had not indexed his website, not hiding or pretending to know.

I trust Mark, I to not trust CNN; I wish to hear real voices on the planet explaining their witness of what is the world. I am starved for real, honest, information on who, where, what and when of the world. Sad, a soap opera new world is prevalent. I just want to know,
- What did you see -?

Mark seems reluctant to explain what he sees, funny how a person that is honest does not see the truth as valuable, however the posturing, maneuvering, planning media voices see their interpretations made for money of value.

Oh well, I cannot ignore, in a small way I am a media of communication. Hmm, I could fit in the mass communication situation… Scary to be related in any way, shape or form.

Definition of Media

MEDIA; television, newspapers, and radio collectively: the various means of mass communication thought of as a whole, including television, radio, magazines, and newspapers, together with the people involved in their production.

I do always wish to encourage the voices on the planet of truth and destroy the voice of lies. Mark please type more into the computer.

Itinerate Witness

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