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India Monsoons

2006-07-18 03:59:00

India Monsoons

It is rainy season here in India or Asia and if it is not, then it should be called that, I do not pay attention to this type of thing. However, if this is not rainy season, then it should be called that. I am not able to walk anywhere without carrying an umbrella.

My thoughts exactly, what is that?

OK, I walked by this foreigner girl dressed up in typical, I copy the Hindu garb, and I said,
- They sell umbrellas -

What is up, come in out of the rain foreigners, you are embarrassing me with your stupidity. It is raining, it is raining a lot, The India, Nepal people sell umbrellas. For about 2-3 Dollars U.S. you can purchase an umbrella.

I know what they will say,
- I have a rain jacket - or
- I have a poncho -
Both of these type of clothing are way to hot, thus they do not wear them.

Pahar Ganj
This is the name of the Backpacker Ghetto in Delhi; it is maybe a Khao San Road Thailand with a dirty twist.

Rain, but pretty Rain.

These boys walk down the road; I am amazed the oranges do not roll off the side. Delhi, amazingly I took a taxi through many very clean places and ended up here with the backpackers. I am not sure I took the right taxi.

India Monsoons