Inadequate Nepal Photos

2006-07-10 22:05:00

Inadequate Nepal Photos
I took an early morning stroll around Katmandu, Nepal as I waited for the world to wake. I stood in the street bombarded by many combinations of objects to view. I thought, it is impossible to explain, it must be experienced, the smells, the sights, the many views. I know, and accept that photos of any country and Nepal are inadequate to explain.

This shop with the food, the clutter, the doors to small and the building tilts, I think because of a prior Earthquake.

There is a man, intent, preoccupied, he is shucking corn.

Behind the small opening is a lady a girl, sitting moving, and pops her head up and catches me taking a photo.

270 Rupees per month to join this gym, I can work out starting at 6:00 am in the morning. It smells like a gym. Two boys said they was trying to join the English military, it is possible they can become British citizens if they are in the service. 270 Rupees is about 4 U.S. Dollars.

Black man and black oil, there is a caste system in Nepal and in India, however more in India. This man is black; however, he may also be very grimy with black tar oil also. He has an early start on the grime; it is only about 7:00 in the morning.
He fills up is container with old from a 55-gallon barrel, then sprinkles it on the road mixing with the gravel. A larger compacter is coming to pack the gravel and make a tarvy type road. This is one of the main roads of Thamel.

The super sharp barbwire sitting ready to go near one of the Kathandu, Nepal police stations. In many countries like Nepal, Bolivia etc, there are these barbwire barriers ready to go for the next time.
Inadequate Nepal Photos

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