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How clean is Delhi

2006-07-17 23:48:00

How clean is Delhi
Monday July 18, 2006

I looked up from my bed and thought,
- Wow, the ceiling is bright shiny clean. -

My room is bright pink; the ceiling is high gloss off white. They totally forget about the bathroom, I know, it is hard to find people to clean toilets.
Delhi is a surprise, the taxi was a fare price from the airport, and it seems 5 times, no 10 times cleaner than Mumbai. I am not sure; this may not be the India I know. Very clean, however this Backpacker Ghettos is not clean, but it is India, or the India I know.
Varanasi India is the dirtiest city I know on the planet.
I was going to brag, and say,
- I made it all the way to the Delhi India Hotel without seeing anyone urinate or defecate. However, on the final stretch, going down the all, three boys were urinating at what is an open toilet, no wall, but something.


Am I tempted? To Drink?
I had a regular reader and friend ask,
- Do the drink in Nepal, and are you tempted?-
On the Royal Nepal Airlines plane from Kathmandu there was a man to my right, a friendly guy, liked to look over my shoulder to read my newspaper, no manners, but what do you expect. He was a friendly guy.
I am not sure, or understand why, but the Airlines feel obliged to give them all the beer he wanted to drink. This is not a good idea in the, hmmm, less than developed countries.
The guy to the right drank 3 very fast; the fat fat man to the left drank one.
At the last moment the guy with three beers in him puts some tobacco stuff they rub in their hands in his mouth. The plane land, however the food trays were just barely removed.
Tempted, looking at this sort, how would I be tempted?
He talks to me while we are waiting for the bags to come down the carousel, he says,
- Tomorrow, I go to Afghanistan, I will work security.-
I say,
- That’s is scary -
He is not sure, maybe he works for a company by the name of Global or maybe a British company called Blackwater.
That is scary.
Delhi is good; I am bigger than the people are so I am always first in line. I am not in Mumbai and that make me happy. In addition, I did not see anyone defecate.
How clean is Delhi