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Healthy Hot Water

2006-07-25 00:46:00

Healthy Hot Water

Globalization is more of a MTV or Music Television and Fashion thingy, I see very little globalization of living standards. The television is encouraging this as people copy the Brady Bunch lifestyle.

The mice, rats, mosquitoes, fungus, viruses on the planet want to propagate, go forth and multiply. Like the HG Wells, novel - The War of the Worlds - whereby simple immunities problems destroys the Aliens, it does seem that the little things like a mosquito, I hate ants; cause some big problems, if not a plague on the planet.

Hot Water

A cheap, easy and ever present supply of Hot Water would be appreciated by me on the planet. I want to go take a shower, I avoid because I do not wish to be cold. I have Air Conditioning in the room, when I go under the shower; I get a rush I do not want. I like the warm soothing feeling of a Hot Water shower.
I have the ability to make a hot water dip shower.

I notice there are many plastic bottles in my room; the owners do not seem to believe this hotel needs a rubbish bin in the room. I normally drink the water in any country, however I have been giving myself a luxury of, COLD water to drink, for 10 Rupees or maybe about 20 cents USA money, I can buy a bottle of water.

On solutions begets another problem, I have stopped my need for a plastic bag; I am getting too good at refusing to receive a plastic bag. Now, I have no plastic bags in my room to use for trashcans. I will need to carry loose trash into the hall and somehow dump.

I have a solution, I can use the hotel provide clean yourself in the toilet bucket for a wastebasket. The whole procedure is mess, nothing is clean, there is no foolproof way to be clean, or the next person. If I use this or that than the next person has problem.

In the end, a good hot water cleaning is the only solution. I do like hot water, it disinfects to a higher level than almost any other way or less toxic way.

Healthy Hot Water

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