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Delhi Taxi

2006-07-23 01:54:00

Delhi Taxi

This is Raj Pal; he is a nice person and a taxi driver here in the Pahar Ganj area of Delhi, India. I have used him twice; the cost of a taxi to the airport is about 200 Rupees. It is July of 2006; I am sure the price rise over time; however, he is a good choice. His English is good, and an interesting conversationalist. I talked with him for two hours at the domestic airport while waiting for the two-hour late place from Goa with Sahara Air that Andrew used to fly to Delhi.

I went down yesterday to find Raj Pal; I am worried desperately about my health. I got severe boils for about one year until I discovered the problem. I was not eating healthy and correct, I believe it was malnutrition. This lowers my immunities and enables the growth of problems.

GOAL - go to a big super market.

I wanted to go with Raj Pal to a nice, big, huge, Wal-Mart size, I am joking, but a large, big super market. I am thinking, this is going to cost me about 200 Rupees or 4 U.S.A. dollars to take a trip to the nice part of town.

FAILURE - he cannot drive this area.

Two problems, he says this area is very far from

He said, Mardi or something like that, I do not know, his native language I am sure is Hindi, well, what can I do, I wanted to go to a supermarket that had variety. I guess I can take him this map and he could point out the area that has big nice markets. He says he would need to pay 500 Rupees per day taxes to drive in this area, thus he cannot go this area.

I am indirectly or directly according to how you look at it, insulting his culture, it is hard to proceed. He says,
- Why don’t you go to the market? -
I am next to a fresh fruit and vegetable market, anyway I do it though, I would need to cook some of these unknown vegetables, plus I do not know or want them. I am trying to get that fresh clean fruit feeling. I have been thinking about buying some carrots or cabbage. I can clean them, I hope, peal the carrots.

Oh well, Raj Pal is a good guy.

Delhi Taxi