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Dark Star Safari

2006-07-09 00:55:00

Dark Star Safari
I am curious, it is interesting how it is either killed or inspired.
Many persons have entered my world, often talking or referring to Paul Theroux, until present I have sluft them off, probably because they said,
- Travel Writer -
I hear the world travel writer and I think, what an idiot. But my friend Joroen, and others have pointed repeatedly until I am curious. Joroen said Theroux calls NGOs
- Agents of Virtue -
That was enough to peak my curiosity. I now am trying to find this book Dark Star Safari before I go to Africa.
I will see, I am in the process of - book loading - I am accumulating as many books as possible to fend of the boredom of traveling in Africa. Not a boring place, but there are too many hours in a day to be left defenseless without many books for protection.
I do not like to read travel books, instead going more for the historical novels like Wilbur Smith.
Dark Star Safari

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