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Cultural Maze

2006-07-02 21:40:00

Cultural Maze
I am in Khon Kaen, Thailand, there is a University here.
I am trying to collect information on the price of Medicine, a fun and interesting project.
However, I keep running into anger. It is amazing how Pharmacist in the Philippines and in Thailand now are not able to handle the stress of questions.
I am only asking the price of medicines and they get extremely short and abrupt with me. I have the name of the medicine on paper for them to read and the anger is extreme. Very controlling on their part.
What is a concern is this, in most countries on the planet, the pharmacist is the doctor. The person with a problem walks into a drug store and purchases the medicine over the counter. There is not need for a prescription. I suspect they treat the poor clients worst than me, to diagnosis a problem from a person they need to listen, I suspect the person with the illness has no choice but to diagnosis themselves, walk into a pharmacy and ask for medicine. I do not think a pharmacist in the developing countries have the ability to handle the stress of difficult situations on a regular basis.
Stress management is learned, and in underdeveloped countries, the elite are like little dictators or child kings. They never are forced to deal with problems, they scream and the lower levels jump. There are some silly dynamics here and sometimes dangerous.
I have handed a sheet with 10 medicines to the pharmacist and asked to complete. For accuracy and better completion, I am believe I may enter the pharmacy and buy three medicines. I will then photograph the bottles, and purchase. In the end, the only thing the pharmacy seems to care about is selling something, to ask a question is almost a taboo. Asking questions is not considered proper in many countries.
The pharmacist in Thailand is a good friend, she treats me very badly when I ask a question. My gut says, she does not know the answer, therefore she feels like she is losing face, the culture demands they always pretend they know the answer. What a headache.
The collection of information seems to be more of a cultural maze, then a strict collection of data.
Cultural Maze