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China Floor on Khao San Road

2006-07-05 02:40:00

China Floor on Khao San Road
I am sharing a room, there was a need to be close to the Sky Train or it seems logical. I tried my best to find a room on Sukumvit, or one of them Soi's, however, it did not work. My friend wanted to get reimbursed for the Hotel cost by the University, but it seems a little crazy to pay three times the cost to live in a hotel so you can get one third the money back.
Pay 1800 Baht then get back 600 Baht.
In the end, the math still says Khao San is an economical place to live.
It is possible to get a room in the Sukumvit area for 1000 Baht very easy, if you like to sign up your life for a reservation three days before you live that life. There was this better than normal booking site that seem to help.
It is almost impossible for me make a reservation, I just cannot commit to a hotel room, girls are difficult, rooms are impossible.
How does one commit to living in a room, not my creed of travel. It make me feel like a camera carrying tourist and in the Sukumvit area of Bangkok there is a bunch of way too old guys going for both sexes...aagh I get the distinct feeling and it keeps panning out, that Sukumvit is half to crossover.
In the end... found a strange room, great place, brand new. Normally the best is always the new undiscovered. 680 for AC, TV and very high pressure hot water shower. It has WIFI.. but the signal only works on the China Floor.
They said,
- This floor is reserved for the Chinese because they make a lot of noise. -
On and on and cultures and other cultures, but I understood what they meant, however I always knew when I walked in the South Korean, Japanese and Chinese ownership can add some good perks like Wifi.
It does not work.. too much concrete, but does work in lobby and maybe on the China Floor, number 2.
A taxi for 250 Baht makes Khao San road better to for business travel than Sukumvit, but lacking the bar girls of Sukumvit.
There are a lot of between the lines to read...
China Floor on Khao San Road