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Backpack Happy

2006-07-13 22:04:00

Backpack Happy
I am very excited; I went from being very frustrated about how to explain my backpack to thinking I can make any type of backpack and system.
Talking is easy, making something happen is difficult, a person traveling has to accept continually less than what they want and hopefully not less than what they expect. The world is a dream, and then we see what is real. Very seldom does a dream compare well with reality.
The formula for making a backpack is evolving for me, it is hard to modify or add all the great ideas as fast as discovered. Katmandu is one huge backpack store; it is possible to see almost any type of backpack system here.
Fabrics, materials, clips, parts for backpack is the every present problem. The person making the packs do not wish to leave the factory, thus they do not see what new fabrics and parts are being sold.
Backpack Happy

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