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Africa Visas Chain of Events

2006-07-05 20:25:00

Africa Visas Chain of Events
I am in Bangkok, Thailand, trying to plan how to enter Africa. I need a small amount of preparation, not much, but it needs to be put into the proper frame. If I choose the proper format, then all the other questions can be solved as they arise.

Every part of travel is a chain of events, one step, then the  next step, then proceed, it is a process, not reservations would hinder my travel.

I want to go to Africa, I have three choices. I can fly from Bombay or Mumbai to:
1. Senegal - No visa needed for Americans.
2. Togo - No visa needed for Americans.
3. Ghana - Visa needed, but can get in Delhi, India

Actually, I can fly into any country, but I need permission to enter, or my visa. This can be a maze or what if situations.
My only saving concept is that normally a country adjoining to another country makes it possible to enter by providing an embassy.

I will fly from Mumbai, India to Africa, I have three possible choices. I believe I will choose to fly to Ghana, and then go by land to Senegal, fly to an Island called Capa Verde, and proceed to fly to Germany.

Map of travel path for in Africa.. IT WILL CHANGE.
This is a map of my plans or idea to how to enter Africa and leave Africa. I am going to purchase a ticket in Bangkok from Mumbai to Ghana, it is easier to buy a plane ticket here than in India. Visa or the permission to enter countries is the first challenge.

To get the visas I need to have time to wait for them, maybe it takes one day or two weeks, I cannot force and embassy to perform. I could arrange these Visas in
Washington DC, however it would cost 10 times as much and take about as long.

Each embassy holds my passport while they process. I have two U.S.A. passports; however, I have not yet found a Visa processing agency that seems professional enough to get my Visa in a chain.
IF I had a good company, I could send and says, I want the Visas for this list of countries. Presently this type of Visa is a fill out a form on the internet and click, not a feeling of safety. I believe they specialize in people that do not need a Visa, but think they need a Visa.
Africa Visas Chain of Events