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Africa Countries Looks Small

2006-07-30 06:28:00

Africa Countries Looks Small

There are 53 nations plus or minus a few whatever you want to call, autonomous, protectorates, and such. Colonization, outside ownership, running of the countries is a cloudy story.

I looked at the country of the Ivory Coast on the map and it looks small, then the guidebook compares it to what I consider one of the larger countries of Europe saying it about the same size as Germany. Then the guidebook goes on to say that, Ghana is about the size of England.

Europe is a very small place, if you stay from Estonia over to England; however I am starting to realize, I may have bitten off a bigger chunk of Africa than I thought.

Map of Europe overlaid onto Africa.

I am not sure, transportation may be difficult, however I really think it is easy. The big problem for me is my French speaking skills is weak, however my true how-to-travel experience is large. I find I often can find transportation better than other people because I understand possible types of transportation.

Africa Countries Looks Small

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