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Visiting Mount Merapi

2006-06-03 20:11:00

Visiting Mount Merapi

I went through a lot of mental confusion on how to go and visit Mount Merapi, there is a wealth of misinformation here in Jogja. The bigger problem is airplane ticket though and their influence on my decisions.

As best I can tell the Airport in Jogja is not open, I do not know why they closed; I am hoping their buildings were built better�

Three airlines seem to fly in and out of Jogja.
1. Lion Air - The Cheap maybe?
2. Adams Air - Maybe Cheap maybe?
3. Garuda - The expensive

All have major problems to fly to Bali. The Lion Air leaves at 20:30 or about 10:30 at night, and the cost is escalating.

I think Lion Air would be the cheapest if I purchased a ticket for 5-7 days or maybe even Adams if they do fly from here. However I purchased a ticket leaving at around 2:00 PM on the June 5, for Bali.

The ticket is cheaper, however this was not my reason, with Lion Air I would arrive around 11:00 PM and this would make or could make the taxis cost more than the flight. Plus then rooms are harder to find and people try to gouge.

I almost took a bus to Bali, and in many ways, it would be better, however I only save about 15 Dollars and then opt for 16 hours on a bus. I would arrive with a bus at the perfect time of around eight in the morning and could purchase the same day.

Hotel Reservations
Round Trip Airplane Tickets

The three best ways to ruin a vacation.

Travel answers questions you did not know you needed to ask�

I am going today to visit the Volcano of Merapi in Indonesia; I have a booked airplane ticket for tomorrow from Jogja or Yogyakarta to Bali leaving at 2:00 in the afternoon.

IF I discover anything great, anything that makes me curious, any greet reason to go and live close to the volcano, I have to lose money to stay.

I want to go to Bandung, I discovered the Zipper Sliders after I purchased the ticket. If I had not already purchased the ticket, I would be going now to Bandung. I believe though the cost of flight from Bali to Bandung will be about the same as here� In addition, I purchased a round-trip ticket to Indonesia from Bangkok. The second leg leaves though from Bali and I can extend it up to 30 days or change it free� I hope.

Anyway, I do it, Itineraries, Round Trip Tickets; Booking Hotels does not work for me. It stops me from asking or learning, taking the time to explore what I found.

I have decided to ride a motorcycle to Mount Merapi today, in the end sitting around under a volcano is dangerous.

Visiting Mount Merapi