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Traveler Malnutrition

2006-06-13 20:44:00

Traveler Malnutrition
I do not eat properly, I have bad eating habits. That coupled with being again in Bali has me concerned.
In East Timor they sold vegetables in the street and had a large grocery store down the street from my Dili Hostel or Hotel. Here in Bali I am having a super complicated time finding vegetables, however I can find many types of juices.

The United States Department of Agriculture has listed 6-11 food groups.
Fats and sweets are too easy.
Meat Poultry Nut, the nut part is easy.
Milk, Yogurt and Cheese is a somewhat easy, according to how you classify ice cream. Yogurt is very common, milk is a push.
Vegetable and Fruit Groups, fruit juices are easy, however the it needs to say 100 percent on the label or it is not juice.
Bread and Pasta are too much, the crackers and the breads bleed into the sweets food group or sugar.
Many would say they are on the menu or if you eat in a nice restaurant or such, I do not see it, unless Beer is a vegetable.
One of the joys and extreme benefits of traveling in primitive countries like Peru or Mexico is the markets. There are huge markets where they sell fruits and vegetables and or anything grown in the country.
The transition from a open air market system to a super market or grocery system has left a vacuum in the middle. There are an over-abundance of K maybe Krap stores here in Bali, it is the convenience store. Without a vegetable market and no big super market close there is a problem with my nutritional food groups.
We eat what is convenient, to work hard to have a good meal is not normal. I have found a wonderful Indonesia food restaurant, it is great, the wife is Islamic and the husband is Hindu, what a great combinations of foods.
I eat Chicken Koloyoke or something like that, it has some onions and a few peppers. I am not sure peppers and onions are the foods I need. I am getting the chicken and the rice. I was very proud of myself, I found a place where I thought I was eating better. It is easy for me to walk into a K store and buy peanuts and bread and be happy.
I think a lot about a Hostel or Guesthouse, I have thought it wise to make it orientated towards research, however, I am thinking, I can also make it an oasis of hard to buy foods, plus of course a guest kitchen to cook.
I take 2 multi-vitamins per day, I do not know if this covers my nutrient needs, I do not know if you can do it this way. A one-year trip could cause some serious problems for a person.
Traveler Malnutrition

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