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Travel Theft Post

2006-06-13 21:20:00

Travel Theft Post

Craig from Travelvice.com has posted one of the best explanations of travel theft I have read.

I was with Craig in the Caribbean, he is a careful traveler, I think one of the best.
99 percent of traveler and tourist volunteer to be robbed and their post are long complaints, blaming the person that robbed them for their stupidity. Craig has given a detailed, honest rendition of what happened.

He is smart, very smart, it it happened to him, then anyone else is a soft target.
By the way Craig, I think the total value of theft....

I mean, I think you have passed me for total lost value or total amount of money lost.
I am at 100 Dollars of pure theft loss or value of what was stolen.

One of my bragging points is this, unfortunately few are capable of understanding.
- I have traveled for nine years and never had my backpack stolen. -

He has an Ipod and a PDA, I think, I am cooking with a 500 Dollar Camera, and a computer...

Most long-term travelers are robbed, they do not admit and conveniently forget.
Thanks Craig for helping the traveler, I will remember...
Of course, I will also remember to ask total value...?
Travel Theft Post

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