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The Value of Me Writing

2006-06-23 20:23:00

The Value of Me Writing

I just deleted about 5 ready to go post, I edited my thoughts. I am not going to blog or tell the world what I am thinking about.

I am having some type of paradigm shift in my beliefs on why I blog. I am growing very tired of the feedback from readers. It is like junk mail or spam, it enters my world and just annoys me, and it has a very negligible benefit to me.

People communicate two ways with me.
1. They comment on the blog.
2. They write an email to me.

The best comments about the blog or helpful to me, are NOT comments on the blog; they are the personal emails to me from people.

Maybe, I would call the personal emails, letters to the editor, many of these people want to be anonymous or have more humility. It is a wonder how the smarter the person, the less they value their opinions or the less they strive to have the world read.

I have older persons take the time to write me, I love this. It is obvious they have read my blog, took real time, thought a lot, and decided the liked what they read and want to help me or explain some small and insightful idea to me.

I was reading, and trying to join a Forum by Michael Crighton. I was not able to join; everything went wrong or did not work. Oh well, however the introduction to the forum or comments was interesting as there were some rules to follow.

Like you cannot use internet slang, I cannot remember exactly what it said, however he or the forum did not want things like.
LOL - which mean, Laugh out Loud.

I would love to make a rule, any comment started by calling me?
DUDE is auto-deleted, I do not think I have every had a good comment or beneficial thought explained to me by a person calling me Dude.


The blog benefits me by
1. Helping me to think through problems.
2. Help me to store valuable information for my future use.
3. Make the website famous, therefore I make more money and I can travel easier.

I hope the Blog benefits readers, however not so important to me, a side benefit for the reader, however not a priority for me. I am not on a crusade to benefit the world with my blog. My website maybe, but not the blog.

Sometimes I do blog to try to help a hotel or another person, by telling the readers. I do not want to help the readers, I want to help a person that should or needs supported.

Reading my travel blogs for years can help you to learn to travel. However to read a couple of comments is about zero value. The value is in a long-term study of how to travel, not in a short-term comment. I hate to read blogs; it takes hours to find one good comment. I would rather read a guidebook or a book on the subjects. A blog is a lot of rambling.

I am thinking here, I am writing to try to decide. I have now two choices.
1. Turn off the comments section.
2. Turn it on auto so it auto post, however I do NOT receive a copy in my box.

A friend of mine in Thailand reads the comments, or goes looking for ones with lots of comments. That is an identifier that some people really like to read the comments.

I do not like to read the comments, and they make me angry. Why would I volunteer to become angry or frustrated?

There is a problem. People post on the comments to try to advertise.

Aagh, I am just going to turn it on auto-post and not moderate the post. I really do not care. It will free up a lot of brainpower because I will not read the post.

I am working on the contact form to manage the emails better.

The Value of Me Writing

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