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The Rat Trap

2006-06-15 09:39:00

The Rat Trap
It is maybe not a rat trap, it is a maze. I am in the Singapore Airport, I will spend the night. Everything is a bump on my nose, I lead myself down one path and bump my nose, stop, back up and go another direction and bump.
I spent a wonderful night here on the way to Indonesia.
I flew with Singapore Airlines, my bag was forwarded to Indonesia, I had a boarding pass and all was great.
They will not let me into the International Area, I cannot even enter the Budget Airline Area, I am trapped outside the entrance, inside Singapore, but not leaving the Airport.
I have discovered that Singapore and Tiger Airways do not play together, it is not a friendly transit.
There are two Internet places outside, from 5 til 11:20 the Kids have dominated the McDonald's free place and the only choice really. I get on and worried, will the let me get to Yahoo Mail.
Or will I be stuck on the McDonald's site.
I am here and it is working.
There are three terminals, 1, 2, and Budget, the budget is decorated like one of the first McDonalds and corny.
I returned to the main expensive airline terminal and have steadily bumped my nose. There is a maze, I sometimes believe the fun of an airport is how to find the lift and get my free airport carts up from 1 to 2 to 3, etc. They constantly make it like walking in Sears, there is not straight path from A to B.
Oh, well, I have figured it how.
Internet is difficult outside the International Transit Zone, I needed to be inside, this did not work out.
I had 13 hours of time in Singapore.
Minus 2 for transit to the city.
2 to be early for the morning flight.
I would have nine hours in Singapore, not worth the effort to enter, or the huge cost and stress. It would just be another bump on the nose, I would be a rat.
Sometimes I think the brilliance I may have is not begging or asking for stress, most travelers do volunteer for a headache, I would rather be bored, then just busy.
Plan B
I had a Plan B, if I did not get into the good International Zone. I purchased 5 movies, I have watched 2, it took me about 30 minutes to find a plug that was good.
I am in a location the floor above the McDonald's and just outside the Post Office, there are some chair, peace, and an English plug type.
All is good.

The Rat Trap

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