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Subic and Angeles is Sodom and Gomorrah

2006-06-19 18:03:00

Subic and Angeles is Sodom and Gomorrah

I think I have figured it out. I am in Sodom and Gomorrah area of the planet and I am worried. I keep getting this feeling of imminent doom. Sodom and Gomorrah according to the bible was:

- destroyed by a rain of brimstone, perhaps accompanied by an earthquake, because of the wickedness of their inhabitants. - (2)

I hoped to feel a separate feeling when I came to Subic Area; I was hoping to find a place to make backpacks.  A more easy way to understand this part of the planet would be to say,
- I am living in a Whorehouse -

There is a phrase in the Lord Prayer that says,
- Lead us not into temptation -

I believe that temptation is a powerful force, and a wise many recognizes that nothing good comes by hanging around with temptation.

I have a person writing me, and will show me around the Angeles and whatever Pampanga is�? (There is a river Pampanga.) He works in Lubao and Floridablanca up on the map that is shown.

The bottom line is I am not going to make Backpacks in the Subic Bay area; therefore, I have no reason to be here. I suppose the Volcano is on the list, but I see no roads leading to the Volcano that are easy and the transportation in Philippines is huge fight with Taxi drivers.

The man put a - God Bless you - on the end of his email.

Heads I stay, tails I leave. Nope, I leave; I have no desire to hang around more than 4 days in this area of the planet. I have been fair, nothing I need to learn about in this lifetime here. There are many lives, and contrary to what anyone would think or feel. There are almost zero good reasons to travel. It is just a plain selfish thing to do, I am endlessly curious and for me it is a never-ending change of things to be curious about, however spending time learning about the fantasies of the dark side is not the best idea.

A person becomes what they think about all day. I did not flip the coin; I knew what the answer was before it landed. I am off to Manila, I can go walk around Robinson Mall.

Thanks to the man who invited me to visit and show me around. This was a kind act and I do like to visit readers. However, I am only in the Philippines for 12 days and 4 are gone, I want to go to Manila any place but here more.

- God Bless -

Subic and Angeles is Sodom and Gomorrah

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