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Statues of East Timor

2006-06-10 18:24:00

Statues of East Timor
There are also statues in countries, normally not very interesting. I stopped and took a couple of photos. These are the tourist type photos I take to increase traffic, normally just a make money photo of the site.

This photo is a scream. This native type has chains on or broken chains and is screaming. Seem very appropriate as this country is being chained by the United Nations, Portugal, Gangs, Uranium, and Gangs and of course Political Parties. I suppose you got the Malaysian, Australians and the Catholic Church.

Oxfam and all the NGO’s have created a wanna be NGO state, I would scream too if I had all these factions fighting for control, ooops forget Indonesia.
Statue number two.

This for sure was a stop for money. I thought this was a gate to the city. Has that big ball, held by hands, a real welcome to the world. Support, solidarity all the normal crap.

I was looking at the clock. The times is maybe 9:00 AM, the time is not 1:00.
YEP, time has frozen in East Timor; everyone in this city is waiting. Another appropriate statue.
Time is sitting still.
Why do anything when you do not have a government, a police, a way to guarantee tomorrow is the same as yesterday. Security is missing; the Australian Army is waiting for things to resume to normal. People hanging around the powers that be in their tents waiting to be kicked out and go home. Everyone inside the fences wondering if it is safe to leave the house, time is standing still in East Timor.
NGO want to return to do what they do, I have no idea most of the time.
Statues of East Timor


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