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Singapore Airport Transit

2006-06-14 19:30:00

Singapore Airport Transit
I fly from Bali to Singapore tonight; I have a 15-hour layover in Singapore, the fly with http://www.tigerairways.com to Clark Airport in the Philippines.
International Transit Question?
Play or no play, there is a unique or somewhat of a quandary being developed for me and I would suppose other people. There are these LCC or Low Cost Carriers that travel agents cannot sell ticket for, or do not use travel agents.
I fly from Bali to Singapore with Singapore Airlines, not a low cost carrier.
I fly from Singapore to Philippines with Tiger Airways for sure a LCC.
I wish to check one bag from Bali to Philippines, or I wish to check to Singapore, then retrieve my bag in Singapore and re-check the bag in the morning about 5:35 am for this flight with Tiger Airways.
Friday, 16 Jun 06  Flight TR 500
Depart Singapore (SIN) at 07:35 and arrive in Manila (Clark) (CRK) at 11:10

Now, the kicker is this, sometime you have to leave the international zones to go to check in.
You would think this would be clear to me; however, I know that nothing is standard in an airport, they can change.
IF I enter Singapore, I may have to pay an exit tax or airport tax. I am trying to avoid the airport or exit tax, fee or whatever you call this…
Where is check in for Tigers Airways, is there one on the inside of the international transit zone?
Will I be able to check the one bag from Bali to Clark without a problem? I know for sure or I am 100 percent sure you can never predict if you can check or not check all the way through. Yes, I can figure it out with enough time and maybe I could call the Singapore Airlines. Nevertheless, there is always a difference between what a person says on the phone and what really happens.
Are the LCC and the Publish Fare Airlines playing and working together? There is a new world of airfares and it is not always clear.
Singapore Airport Transit

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