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Shaggers or Slappers Remain

2006-06-02 20:02:00

Shaggers or Slappers Remain

I asked how many rooms the Setia Kawan has and the one many said 10, I then have been trying to understand the dynamics of tourism and how effected by disasters like an earthquake.

Everyone who was in the Hotel at the time of the Earthquake quickly packed up and left the general area of Yogyakarta.

A few stayed, what I see now is a couple of men, me and another here to take photos. The two women in the Hotel have Indonesia boyfriends.

I am trying to understand, however for sure that are some slappers collecting smaller than them boys here in this hotel.

Love is a strange thing; I really do not want to understand. A person will stay against the logic of other foreigners for love. The logic on leaving after an Earthquake is not clear to me; however, there is an aftershock possible. I do not know about earthquakes.

Shaggers or Slappers Remain