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Secular Singapore Islam

2006-06-28 19:15:00

Secular Singapore Islam

This is causing many Islamic persons great concern. Here is an example of the anger of many Islamic persons on the planet. This is a normal Singapore girl that is trying to maintain two positions. She is a modern Singapore woman, however she is also Islamic. The Tiger Skin designed bag, the stylish jeans, the tight clothes, the sandals are all from the modern world. The scarf to cover her hair is from the Islamic world.
I do not know doctrine, however the idea of the scarf is somehow to not allow the woman to tempt the male, or to hide sexual temptation.
The Tiger Skin copy is a in many ways a universal way of saying something.
The mental anger that arises in the Islamic world is analogous to the French becoming angry when persons will not speak French, or the Quebec and Montreal parts of Canada demanding the signs are in French. Even though it is obvious they are losing the battle to stop English. Sometime a culture will take extreme measure, attack, kill and even separate to keep another culture from doing what is natural. Change is natural, staying the same is not.
Secular Singapore Islam

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