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Searching for Travel Truth

2006-06-16 23:28:00

Searching for Travel Truth
Friday, June 16, 2006

I really need to drink to learn information in Angeles City here in the Philippines. I refuse to sit on a corners barstool and listen, pay two dollars for a diet coke. I cannot be bothered.
Taxi Driver and some Boom Boom Massage Girl.
I have two sources of information; there was a Boom Boom girl in the street, laughing and funny, who was explaining me the area. The taxi driver will pick me up at 8:00 am and take me to the bus stop; I will pay him 100-200 Pesos and buy some advice. He says he knows some hotel in Olangapo, he thinks I want very cheap, this is true, however what I want is NOT RESORT information.
This is one of the most connected expatriate communities on the planet. I know if I figured out the system, there is information out the wazoo on the area. It is not looking good though so far, I am a snob, I really do not wish to talk with most of the Expats.
There is this advertisement paid brochure or magazine for Subic Bay, I say it in Manila, I tried to find one in the Tourist office of the Clark Airport. They did not have one; it has good advertisements that explain a lot. Again only the resort crap.
Internet was down yesterday, the internet has information, and however the whole area had a problem with the Internet yesterday.
95 percent of all tourists already know the information I want. They know their Hotel, they know where the are going, they know what they want to look at, they do not have the questions I have.
I refuse to study so it self-prophecies what I encounter. If I read, I will find what I read about, and ignore what is here.
I also will not look the other way on prices; I know what the prices should be, or how much money is a good value.
Searching for Travel Truth

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