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Room Prep

2006-06-21 04:37:00

Room Prep

I arrived in the Malate area of Manila; I am close to the United States Embassy and to the Hilton and Pan Pacific Hotels. Funny how a person can get a 15 dollars Hotel within a few meters of a five Star Hotel.

From a Real Estate Appraisal, point of view, they just do not understand.

I had a touch time choosing my Hotel today; I had three main choices, and always open for more options.

1. Friendly Backpackers Hostel, probably the best option for a couple, man and girl backpacker, however too full and too difficult now for my preference.

2. Adriatico Pensione, a good choice, especially for a couple, you can have a good single room for the right price for Philippines.

3. Yasmin Apartelle on Arquiza, 800 for a room.

Manila is overpriced, and for the most part boring. For the normal backpacker, I would just skip the place and go Banue Rice Terraces or anywhere but here.
I tried to move in the Adriatico Pensione, I like the staff even though I keep teasing them�
- This is a Gay Hotel -
- So is maybe friendly. -

Ok, after the teasing, I got down to business. The room with private bath, TV and normal crap was 1200, the public one was 860.

This I somewhat outrageous for Asia, but if you are a couple; it is half this so not so bad. Still, I can get a ten times better room in Thailand for one-half the price.

I have three considerations.
1. Internet Caf�
2. Grocery Store.
3. Talking or friendship.

Many variables, however in the end, I decided to go to the Yasmin Apartelle. I am in a room the size of a gymnasium for 800 or 16 Dollars. Fridge, Shower, Desk, Closet, who knows if it has hanger, I just never find them so do not look. The TV is clear, better than Adriatico and Friendly does not have one in the rooms or at least did not last time I stayed there.

Whatever you do, if you are just a normal Tourist, skip Manila.

This time they offered me a new room, in the past, I have stayed in the old rooms. I did not know they had newer ones. The decision would have been easy if I had known these existed. I like the Yasmin; it has all the flavors of Manila and does not pretend to be anything else.

Room Prep
Turn on the Fridge
Hang up an anti-ANT clothesline
Set up my electrical extension cords.
Turn on the air, and wait.
Set up my reading light.
Shut the toilet windows.

I am close to Robinson�s Mall, therefore that could be include, and away from the lady boy section closer to Malate Pensione, I am in the let us be a man section of area called Ermita, maybe Mabini, there is no real way to tell the difference except for the Lady Boys demographics at night.

Room Prep

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