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Pictures of Bali

2006-06-07 20:45:00

Pictures of Bali

I have no pictures of Bali, I woke up early thinking about Bali, and it was as if I feel guilty. I am not a big fan of guilt; it is an ugly feeling, plus as a recovering alcoholic a very dangerous and deadly feeling.

Why do I feel guilty?
This is the wonder of writing a diary, you can clean the brain.

I feel guilty I have not taken photos of Bali.

- I want to make my Mother and Father happy.
- I like want to share some photos with my best friends.
- I think it is not fair to talk only about a place, I think I should also show photos to support my words. A photo really does say a million words.

I have not wanted to take photos of Bali…

Why do I not want to take photos, the normal reason is I do not want to carry my camera. I have this bigger Sony Camera and it is work to carry the stupid thing. I really also need a small one to carry, however having a problem finding the right one.
I carried the camera for 7 hours yesterday, on a motorcycle, going to the Airport. I stopped only for about 2 pictures. That is not good.

Bali so far is not noteworthy, nothing to try to remember for the future, no memory I want to keep in a photo.

When I take many photos, that means I really like the place or the culture is noteworthy. I also can take many photos when I do not like a place.

I am trying to make amends.
- I really want to stop focusing on anything bad in a country, travel, situation or place.

I keep thinking about the phrase, if you do not have something good to say, then say nothing.

A little anal that comment, however there is a lot of merit also, however it is about balance, having the proper balance in life.
Good and bad is in all things, there is always a ying and a yang.

Bali is a very popular place on the planet, just because so far it is not popular with me, does not mean it is not extremely popular with most people.

Cancun is very popular, however you are not going to find me going to Cancun, unless I have a beautiful babe, an air-conditioned room and plenty of desire.

Motorcycle Rental
For 2.50 Cents U.S. I rented a motorcycle yesterday, I needed to go to a few places and the taxis here are insanely stupid.
For 2.50 Dollars U.S. I will be able to explore the beach of Bali today.

I think it is 92 percent necessary you rent a motorcycle in Bali; it is mess, one very huge city that never ends. You need a motorcycle to find something interesting quickly. It is the world’s largest open-air shopping mall on the planet. You can buy more things here that you do not need than anywhere I have ever been.

I will try to find some good photos. Not my style, I do not go looking for photos, I take photos when I see a photo. I do not go trying to take photos. If I wanted to take the photo that made you cry, made you angry or made you feel. I would have gone into a tent in Jogja or Bentul with the earthquake, found some extremely old person, and capture the one very difficult to find photo. I saw them in the newspaper…. Aaagh. A total misrepresentation of the truth.

Photography to me should represent the normal and the unique, never trying to make the unique seem normal. What is normal to see is the culture, what is unique is the wonderful quirks of culture, or the throwbacks to former days and former ways.

MTV Rules and all old cultures are being replaced by Soap Operas, Dancing, Bars, Movies, however some old ways still survive.

I can empathize with why the Islamic crazies blew up a bar in Bali, Indonesia so far has strayed away from the teaching of Mohammed their prophet. I have never been in an Islamic type country that practices the rituals of Islam less.

MTV, fashion, Television and movies is changing the Islamic Religion, I am not sure if it will survive. The crazies are not the norm, they are the exception.
Pictures of Bali