Philippines Drinking Water

Philippines Drinking Water
This is Arquiza and I think Mambini Street in the Ermita part of Manila. There seems to be flooding every it rains. The Cowboy Grill unloaded a steady stream of garbage into the street earlier in the day. It formed a small river and ran down the street. I was happy to see the garbage water was being washed away.
There is a link between storm water, potable water, and sewage water. I do not care to discuss or explain, however when the water tables are all mixed up, the world is not a great place for a drink of water. I am concerned at the percentage of skin problem in Manila, it seems to have some serious fungus or skin problems.

Happy as a lark playing in the Water in Manila.

A very happy country.

He was intent on enjoying water that made me weak.

Playing in the water, after a normal rain.

Happy is Happy.
Philippines Drinking Water

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