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Padlock Zipper Sliders in Indonesia

2006-06-03 20:07:00

Padlock Zipper Sliders in Indonesia

Indonesia backpacks have this type of slider. I have visited many countries, looking for the elusive padlock zipper slider, and hopefully the best place to make backpacks.

Zippers are the difficult part of making a backpack, this is a padlock slider. With this type of slider, I can lock my backpack, however this is not a very good design for many reason. I have never seen the best design.

Edison is correct, 99 percent perspiration is needed to invent, or it is my belief perfection come from being able to say no.

I must say NO, 99 percent of the time to be perfect; I need to refuse compromise 99 percent of the time.

Money is why a person compromises, they need money, and values can fly out the window when a dollar is involved. Then I suppose patience, I would say I do not have patience, however I have discovered I can wait better than most, I do not really believe a person could travel for nine years if they had a problem with patience.
I have been told by five backpack sales shops here in Jogja that they are made in Bandung, Indonesia. I now will take a map of the country, and ask them to point at the city. This is not very accurate; many persons in the world have never seen a map of their own country.

Padlock Zipper Sliders in Indonesia