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Outsourcing Accounting to Philippines India

2006-06-28 18:24:00

Outsourcing Accounting to Philippines India

I am watching BBC News and there is fraud inside a call center where they took money from the HSBC Bank, I this is a Hong Based bank.

I was talking to my Australian Accounting friend who is going crazy with drink and living in the Philippines. He was commenting on many call centers want him to help in the Philippines.

AAAGH´┐Ż. His credential are correct, his brain is mush.

I get onto planes, thinking, hmm, are the locals doing the maintenance of the plane. I hope, I think, please let the Germans outsource the airplane maintenance to this country.

There is conceptual cultural equation that I try to clean up in my brain. The cumulative average level of development is the standard you can expect from a country.

There is a base line of standards you can expect from a country or culture. No, matter what you hope, to expect the baseline of India or the Philippines to rise consistently and forever to the same level of Germany or England is a stretch. You can expect an individual or a group of five to come close, however when you take a group of 100 or 5000 to reach the same level or to manage accounting, security or etc, please the culture is impedance. It is like trying to get an American to dig a hole with a shovel, very difficult, the culture of the USA impedes the ability of the American to say,
- Yes, I will dig holes. -

Studying a culture is the same, an American says, I have to have a minimum living condition or I do not go, thus skipping the culture they wish to observe.

Outsourcing Accounting to Philippines India

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