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Olongapo Barrio Barretto Baloy Beach

Olongapo Barrio Barretto Baloy Beach
This is the skinny on travel to beach. Get off plane at Clark, pay a taxi 150-200 Pesos to go to Bus Stop in Angeles City. Take a bus for 108 or more Pesos to the city of Olangapoe. Pay a trike motorcycle Taxi 150 pesos and go to Baloy Beach,
The Lagoon Hotel across from Johans Hotel has 24 hour FREE WIFI, that seem to work in room 1 or 2, after that I doubt it. The concrete walls will stop the Internet. I am in room 1, therefore somehow it is going through the wall.
The cost of the room is 1000 Pesos, my change seasonally. I pay between 500 and 700 for a room in Manila, so this is about 10 Dollars per night to have 24 hour Internet access. The cost is 50 pesos, so if want to use for 6 hours it would be 300 pesos. I need the speed of convenience.
What to do here, the beach is empty. I think if I had a girlfriend that would lay in the sun, life could be excellent. Note, a Philippine girl will not lie in the sun,
Sort of like living in a Sports Bar here, with a beach to make the view better.

Clark Airport - Say Bus Stop 150 Pesos
Bus Stop - Say - Bus to Olaogapo - 108 and up.
Olongapo- Say to trike 150 Baloy Beach - Lagoon or Johans.
NOTE: Barrio Barretto is a Little town next to Baloy Beach.
I am putting these directions up, I would love to have this with landmarks. To ask a taxi to go to some unknown beach is difficult, they need a landmark. When I go to Olangapo, I say - Olongapoe Bus Stop 150 - and they will take me from the Lagoon Hotel to the Olangapo bus stop easy, then I can walk.
Olongapo Barrio Barretto Baloy Beach