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Making Money with Hotel

Making Money with Hotel
Saturday, June 17, 2006

The man Henry in the Dili, East Timor Backpacker Hotel told me it was easy to have a Hostel, he said,
- You need to have clean bathrooms. -

I am guessing this is 80 percent true, on the other hand, I wanted to tell him, Henry, you also need to check them… his were in need.
Maintenance Man
I believe what is needed the most in Hotels is maintenance people. I left the water on too long her in the Thunder Hotel and it turned very hot. There is only one faucet; I assumed they had disconnected the hot to save on money as is normal. Nope, they had one broken, and it just does not work. I wanted to brush my teeth; hot water is not the way I do this.

Maintenance is more difficult than beauty, you can get a person to make a lush garden, however to have them fix the wiring or TV connections is difficult, it take more brains.
Cleaning the toilets and painting. Yes, it is true; the world needs someone to clean the toilets. My room is great, then you walk into the toilet and you say, what happened.
It is easy to make money with a Hotel, clean it and fix it. This is very rare. The pay in the world is about 10 dollars per day per person.
Making Money with Hotel