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June 9 Indonesia to East Timor Flight

2006-06-08 02:13:00

 June 9 Indonesia to East Timor Flight
I will leave the Island of Bali, Indonesia and fly to Dili, in the country of East Timor. It is also called Timor-Leste.

I will return to Bali in a few days, stay a couple of days, then fly to Singapore change planes and fly to Clark Airport in Philippines.
I am going to check the Subic Bay area of the Philippines to see if possible to manufacture backpacks there. It is a great location, ocean shipping, cheap labor, good relations with USA, great English skills. However, there may be many problems parts, zippers, sliders and materials. It is maybe one last attempt to see if this is possible in the Philippines before continue.
I will probably make a run of 50 in Nepal, to start, continue, and as the numbers grow, find a more suitable place for ocean shipping.
June 9 Indonesia to East Timor Flight