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Journalizing Problems

2006-06-28 18:17:00

Journalizing Problems

I had an English Professor many moons ago tell me to Journalize or write a daily diary. I was too cool at the time; however, I have learned the benefits and admit, they are huge.

However, I have also discovered that a blog is in conflict with the value of journalizing. The blog is for people to read; it is or could be entertainment. This means they wish to enjoy the experience of reading the blog.

Writing in a journal is a great way to solve problems, I am able to take my abstract concepts floating around in my brain, and because I need to put them into words, I must create a consistent, cogent explanation in words. The transliteration from abstract to harmonious is the benefit.

Talking about problems is not always a positive experience for a blog reader. The reader also believes I am unhappy, I on the other hand am most alive when solving problems or analyzing. The Philippines to me is an adventure, Singapore is boredom. Cleanliness and order are only sought after a long-term excursion into madness.

I believe 95 percent of blogger do it to become famous. This causes them to write to the audience, and not to themselves, robbing both the audience and themselves of authentic expression of feeling, writing what they perceive is of interest and not what they observed.

Journalizing Problems

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