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Jogja Indonesia

2006-06-01 03:38:00

Jogja Indonesia
I am in Jogja, Indonesia, it is the short name for Yogyakarta. I believe I am approximately 10 miles or 15 Kilometers north of the Epicenter of the Earthquake.
Coming from Solo Airport to Jogja I could see buildings along the road that had damage or collapsed. It is sort of random looking, however I believe the building that suffered were older construction with no steal in them. The ones with steel were cracked, however the ones that fell looked more to be red clay brick with a concrete cover and small or no re-rod in them.
Some new construction was damage, you could have a new building next to a new building and one would have lots of damage and the other none.
There is plenty of Hotel space and anyone that wanted to volunteer could easily find a room. The hotel I am in, was full, then after the earthquake it emptied.
The 5 Star Hotels are having the biggest influx as most of the NGOs stay in them. I have not felt or seen any misplaced persons living in Jogja in the Hotels. I am in some Backpacker Ghetto and it is deserted.
The Hotel is the Setia Kawan Losman on Gang II, it is from the Lonely Planet.
I will rent a motorbike and ride to Bantul tomorrow morning.
Global Positioning Satellite
7.955°S, 110.430°E

Distances 15 km (10 miles) S of Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
110 km (70 miles) S of Semarang, Java, Indonesia
145 km (90 miles) SE of Pekalongan, Java, Indonesia
455 km (280 miles) ESE of JAKARTA, Java, Indonesia
Jogja Indonesia


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